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Once Upon A Time, Wistaria Project received a Performing Artist Residency from the Center at West Park, and we wanted to share the opportunity with others, while creating a special experience for audience and presenters alike (including us).


We recognize that an interlocking network of long-standing and ongoing systems of prejudice and inequality has conspired to put us in a position to receive this residency, and so we want to share what we’ve been given. In a city of high rent costs, we want to provide other artists and orgs really free space for part of an evening to present what they want -- in a spirit of community and collaboration, rather than commerce and competition. So, for  Feast Your Famine: a watch-and-play -- we invited a small cohort of performing artists and social-action organizations to present their work as RE-RESIDENTS, collaborate with us and each other on some shared elements of the event, and journey through each night of the program together. 

And, we’re sculpting something larger, too, that we’re excited to invite all the artists, activists and audience to collaborate on creating. A series of 5 days that is made together. Somewhere between a performance, a community gathering, and a something else, we hope to invite all of you to join us for this feast of famine.

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