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Feast Your Famine:

a watch-and-play



November 13-16 @ 7:30pm

November 17th  @ 6:30pm

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Join us for an interactive five-night performance-and-social-action hybrid event, re-envisioning the legacy of the "hero" in Western culture from medieval knights to today and seeking to practice new realities in community. With possibilities for multi-day game play or a single night's experience, audiences can join a diverse body of artists and activists in a journey of boundary crossing, soul-troubling, and action through both avant garde and traditional performances and social-action events -- set inside the framework of a re-imagined medieval feast. 

This event is a result of Wistaria Project's Re-Residency, in which we re-gift the CWP Residency we received to an exciting diversity of performers and activists. Each Re-Resident will present their work on one night of the festival -- and the Re-Resident Cohort has worked together to devise First Night and Last Night -- the opening and closing of the feast -- interactive, hybrid performance/events to bring us together to engage, celebrate, and take action.


Wednesday November 13th @ 7:30-9:30pm

First Night: An interactive event inside a re-invented, justice-oriented medieval “feast”, created by the Re-Residents.

Songs. Poetry. Activities. Quests.

Kevin Green of Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop

Thursday November 14th @ 7:30-9:30pm

commoning with Eric Farber

Waterwell Drama Program

Jace Valentine/Integrate NYC with Teens Take Charge

Sunday November 17th @ 6:30-9:30pm

Last Night: Continuation. A non-commercial marketplace of art and action. Reflect Back. Act Forward. 

the Re-Residents

Monica Carrillo

Hee Ran Lee

Nadege Alexis with Regiven Environmental Project

Black Revolutionary Theater Workshop

Liz Moyer We Heal For All

The Next Chaper: Student Voices Against Gun Violence

and more Invited Guests.

Wistaria Project -- the artistic collaboration of Jeremy Goren and Jenna Kirk -- grows strange works for the stage, communal performing events, and ritual-based plays in homes and odd places. Our work utilizes a deep research on the practices (including performance) that human beings have developed across millenia and across cultures to create real communitas and the possibility for extra-ordinary experience. We work from a shared desire to create performance events that are alive and innovative (even while engaging the past) and that bring performers and spectators to really do something together — with an eye towards nothing less than justice and equity and the mysteries of human existence -- cultural and political tricksterism and poetic sublimation.

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