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The Re-Residents

Eric Farber
directed by Andrew Neisler
Projection Design by Maya Sharpe
Sound Design by Eamon Goodman

Created in residency with The Shed Open Call, Makadewiiyaasikwe is sound poem of Kelsey Pyro's original music and personal stories. Meaning, "a Black woman; a woman of African descent,” in the  Ojibwe language, Makadewiiyaasikwe connects the history and healing process of Native American and African American people. 

This work premiered, live at The Shed, in June 2019. 

Wistaria Project
with Kay Soricelli and Sarah Bitar

— a realm of lost birds, a tree that got cut down, and Ronald’s horse who went awry.


 a collage of ancient sacred texts, modern academic writing, “found” popular elements, and original material 

exploding the mythology of myths, dominant traditions’ suppression of elemental (often woman-centered) streams, U.S. living-history exhibitions, and contemporary gender/power dynamics.

In a dystopian nation where people are forced to assimilate, six immigrants unite in secret to spark a joyful revolution.

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